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Opened October 2008. Owned & Operated By Karin Smedts & Parker DeCoste. Located in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.


We are a self employed hard working couple. We started out working our full time jobs, then coming home working at Sketch-it. We did many nights of working our day jobs until 5pm then running Sketch-it until 12 pm at night. Squeezing in some supper and walking the dogs. Those long hours have payed off as it allowed us to get our business up and running. We are now both full time running the shop working at something we love. 

We both come from different backgrounds but have the same work drive and love for the arts.​

Karin was born and raised in a small Northern Ontario town named Wawa. With a graphic design diploma, graduated in 2004 from Sault College. Has been involved in the printing industry in varying capacities since 2001.​


Parker was born in New Glasgow, Parker does most of the hands on aspect of the business such as installation and assembly of signs etc. Mechanic by trade, he understands vehicles which is very helpful when doing vehicle vinyl installations.


​​We have started and built this company together from the ground up. We strive to provide a pleasant customer service experience along with quality work. A happy customer is our main goal. We will do what we can to get you the product you deserve and desire.

Parker, Karin Quest
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